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Are Electronic Cigarettes SafeElectronic cigarette commonly referred to as E-cigarette is a new and also one of the most successful cigarettes that is alternative to tradition tobacco, in the market today. They look just like normal regular cigarettes and are also battery operated.E-cigarettes contain nicotine just like the other convectional counterpart. Many people still wonder how electronic cigarettes work, here is how they work: it has an atomizer that heats a liquid that contains nicotine thus turning it into a vapor that can safely be inhaled. It also creates vapor cloud that resembles exactly that of a cigarette smoke. Another question that most people normally ask is whether electronic cigarette are safe to use.


To answer that question, electronic cigarettes are safe to use. It uses a brand new technology that makes smokers to enjoy as well as keeping them safe because it does not burn any tobacco. It is also non-flammable as compared to other traditional cigarettes. This means that it reduces the risk of accidents caused by flames that other traditional cigarette may cause.


Many people using electronic cigarette say that they prefer using it than smoking tobacco cigarettes because e-cigarette is reusable and that means that you will save money if you use them. Some people have gone ahead to praise e-cigarettes because it has help them quit smoking.E-cigarette give smokers a variety of choices to chose on the nicotine levels that they prefer to smoke. Some cartridges contain liquid that does not have nicotine and is suitable for users who prefer to have sensory experience of smoking and not its effects. Others have comparable amount of nicotine to regular tobacco cigarette and others are close to that of ultra light cigarette.
E-cigarettes cartridges come with a variety of flavors that are appealing to most users. They include bubble gum, caramel, chocolate and even strawberry. They are also sold on line hence easy to purchase. Health risk that comes with smoking tobacco cigarettes such as cancer is greatly reduced when you use electronic cigarette because it does not burn any tobacco. It is environmental friendly because it does not pollute the environment. When smoking E-cigarette in a public place, it does not affect other people around since it does not contain tobacco. The cigarette does not produce secondhand smoke instead; it produces water vapor that is harmless to the public. Dizziness or head rush are also not there when you smoke E-cigarette. It also doesn’t irritate lungs like other regular cigarette do.


Are E Cigarettes Safe


In conclusion ,electronic cigarettes are safe to use .When compared to other regular tobacco cigarettes ,E-cigarettes is far much better.Indeed,it is the best alternative smoke that smokers have been waiting all around the world. Smokers can now smoke freely and also enjoy smoking in places where tobacco cigarettes are banned. Many people around the world are now embracing this new cigarette because they say that it does not have negative side effects .There is no doubt the electronic cigarette is a new generation of smoking .Don’t get stuck in tobacco cigarettes. Get your freedom back today by joining a growing number of people who are using electronic cigarette.





 Posted on : March 2, 2013
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