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If you have been a smoker who enjoys cigarettes but you want to quit smoking because of the many health risks, then you can try electronic cigarettes, a smart alternative to smoking traditional tobacco cigarettes. You can enjoy the same nicotine boost and cigarette taste without the chemicals found in tobacco smoke. When you draw on the vapors of an electronic cigarette you have an experience similar to that smoking a traditional cigarette. However, the vapors generated by the electronic cigarettes are completely harmless. And another advantage is that you can use e-cigarettes legally indoors.

Electronic cigarettes consist of a battery, an atomizer and a cartridge that contains nicotine, flavoring, and vegetable glycerin. Puffing activates the heating element that uses the battery power in order to vaporize the nicotine solution in the cartridge and create a mist of vapors that is inhaled. The tobacco smoke like vapor that is created by heating the nicotine solution in the cartridge will give your body a boost of nicotine. There are many different flavors available to refill the cartridge. The vapor smells good and doesn’t bother other people like second hand cigarette smoke does. It disappears very fast and you’ll not get any nicotine stains or smoking smell lingering on your clothing, in your car or home.

Many celebrities have been seen “vaping” from e-cigarettes, such as Kate Moss, Robert Pattinson, and Cheryl Cole. The statistics show that e-cigarettes have been tried already by up to 35% of smokers. Some smokers are using the e-cigarettes on top of their cigarette intake, to reduce the number of traditional cigarettes smoked, while others are using the e-cigarettes to help them completely quit smoking traditional tobacco products.

Giving up smoking of traditional tobacco products and switching to e-cigarettes can improve your health. Smoking is responsible for many health conditions and premature death. Electronic cigarettes have become popular as a cheaper and healthier alternative to traditional cigarettes. Some research studies have shown that for helping people to quit smoking the e-cigarettes can be at least as effective as the nicotine patches. The research studies also have shown that the electronic cigarettes are safe and healthier than traditional cigarettes or tobacco pipes. They come in all sizes and shapes but it is recommended to use the best brands available on the market.

The Joytech brand is one of the top choices. Joytech produces the eGo-T, the eVic, and various other electronic cigarettes models. It is better to use the Joyetech brand than the generic e-cigs on the market for many reasons. Since the company was founded in 2007, they have been concentrating their efforts on developing safe products through constant research of new technologies. For example, their eVic models use advanced Vapor Intelligent Cigarette technology that give smokers a total control over their vaping experience. The smoker can set the e-cigarette for a voltage he prefers and for a certain number of puffs. With eVic e-cigarette models it is even possible to use computer software to control the device. The smart e-cigarette can also keep a record of how you use it regularly.

 Posted on : December 14, 2013
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